Nadja van Uelft

I‘ve been working passionately and successfully for 22 years as a coach and trainer, as a registered alternative health practitioner in psychotherapy and as a speaker on topics around self-presentation, self-awareness, communication and leadership. My clients include DAX-listed companies and SME‘s, specialists and managers, private individuals and self-employed people.

My work is characterized by its methodological expertise, informed by deep life-experience and my empathetic approach to clients‘ need and concerns, all underpinned by the mindset of Aikido.

Born in Cologne, I grew up in the USA, Japan and Germany. My bilingual childhood on three continents moulded and trained me at an early stage to be flexible and empathetic as well as to be open to other people and different ways of thinking.

As a young person I suffered from low self-esteem and insecurity and had a heavy stutter. With determination and great effort I carved out my own path towards inner strength and stable self-confidence.

The Japanese martial art Aikido, in which I have been training regularly since 2002, is an integral part of my life. With pride I carry a 3rd Dan in Aikido. In my travels through Asia I‘ve been able to dive deeper into the spirituality of the respective countries.

I am very happy to be living once again in the city of my birth, Cologne. Yoga and meditation have been part of my daily routine for decades now, with travel continuing to provide me with valuable insights into other ways of living and being.

Coach & Trainer with Heart and Soul.

About me ...


  • Systemic Coach

  • Trainer

  • PEP®-Coach
    (Process and Embodiment- centered Psychology)

  • Voice Teacher

  • (Lichtenberg Method®)

  • DISG®-Trainer Transactional Analysis, Non-violent Communication (NVC), NLP Impro theatre, body language, performance & media training

  • Mental training, yoga, breath work

  • 3rd Dan Aikido

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  • Strengths Analysis: Empower Yourself

  • Leading with Aikido (theoretical and practical application of the martial art Aikido)

  • Specially developed form of video micro-analysis

  • Collaboration with professional actors as role-play counterparts for a longer-term impact


  • Business Coach & SkillsTrainer
    for experts and leaders


    IT, Telecommunications, Finance, Industry, Engineering, Energy, Trade, Healthcare, Insurance, Public Services, et al

  • Presenter and speaker

  • Lecturer at the University for Media, Communication and Business (HMKW) in Berlin and Cologne

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  • Lecturer at the Female

  • Career Centre (FCC) at Cologne University

  • HR specialist at an automobile supplier

  • Teacher in business English, interview technique & assessment center training 

  • Interpreter at trade fairs

  • Extended stays abroad in the USA and Asia


  • Empathetic & motivating

  • Lively & activating

  • Focused & structured

  • Practice-oriented & goal-oriented

  • Insightful & people smart Strengths & resources-oriented Inspired by the philosophy and practice of the Japanese martial art Aikido

  • Group-oriented preparation of learning content

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  • Attractive design & visuals

  • Very high level of commitment and personal engagement – inspiring others through tangible enjoyment of my work

  • Languages: German and English Integrated in a network of colleagues selected for support with specialist topics

Free preliminary consultation at: +49 221 54811528