Are you familiar with these?

Insecurity – lack of self-belief – unproductive conversations – fear of presentations, job interviews or selection procedures – belly ache before an upcoming speech – anxiety facing a new leadership role – lack of clarity as a manager – difficult employee conversations – having to fight as a woman in a male-dominated context …

I know: Nobody wants all of that. But it’s often the way!

Together we’ll find practicable solutions for these situations – whether in individual coaching or a training.

You’ll profit at the same time from my 20 years of experience and expertise as a BusinessCoach and SkillsTrainer – so that you can reach your goals.

Confident and competent.


Inner Confidence

More self-belief

Self-confident attitude

Inner composure

Knowing my skills

Awareness of my strengths

Trust in my know-how

Strong standing

Confident in Action

Stepping out with confidence

Persuasive power

Skilful conversation management

Successful presentations

Calmness in front of an audience

Fit for tests, interviews & Co

Positioning myself successfully
as a woman

Competent Leadership

Secure in my leadership role

Applied leadership know-how

More standing and strength

Successful conversations

Dealing with personalities

Mastering challenges

Team building