A very warm welcome!

I am Nadja van Uelft, coach and trainer, expert in confident self-presentation and assured leadership. I‘ve been practising this wonderful profession for 22 years now. It‘s my calling and my passion. I love to support people along the way to finding their true greatness and through that to achieving their goals OR realising their dreams.

The people I work with tend to have the following issues:

Insecurity – lack of self-belief – searching for the right words – not leading in conversations – fear of presentations, job interviews or selection procedures – belly ache before an upcoming speech – anxiety facing a new leadership role – lack of clarity as a manager – not daring to show their knowledge. As a result, they are often overlooked and miss out on opportunities.

I know: Nobody wants all of that. But it’s often the way for most of us

Whether in our professional or private life, whether we are self-employed or a full-time employee, a specialist or manager, these issues apply to us all. With confidence, presence and the right tools, things can go more smoothly and success come to us more easily.

Together we’ll find practicable solutions for these challenging situations – whether in individual coaching or a training.

What‘s special: The mindset of Japanese martial art runs through every aspect of my work.

You‘ll profit from the highly effective and applicable principles of Aikido.

And all rounded out by my 22 years of experience and expertise as a Coach and Trainer.

So that you feel more confident and reach your goals.

With inner confidence. Confident in action.



  • More self-belief

  • Self-confident attitude

  • Inner composure

  • Knowing my skills

  • Awareness of my strengths

  • Trust in my know-how

  • Strong standing


  • Stepping out with confidence

  • Persuasive power

  • Skilful conversation management

  • Successful presentations

  • Calmness in front of an audience

  • Fit for tests, interviews & Co

  • Positioning myself successfully as a woman


  • Secure in my leadership role

  • Applied leadership know-how

  • More standing and strength

  • Successful conversations

  • Dealing with personalities

  • Mastering challenges

  • Team building