Competent Leadership

People who work with me …

know that they are competent but are hesitant to really show it to the world.

I invite you to take part in a thought experiment. Imagine that for one day you experience one of the following scenarios:

  • You are self-aware and are able to manage yourself and your emotions well
  • You are clear about your goals and increasingly sure of how to achieve them.
  • You know what you want to say and also how to say it.
  • In conversation you are able to keep the lead in a respectful way instead of being bossed around by others
  • You feel confident and competent in your leadership role.
  • You know how to meet and master the widest variety of leadership challenges because of your practical know-how and hard won skills-set.

Leading is something we do our whole lives, in the most varied of situations.

Whether as an ‘official‘ or ‚unofficial‘ leader: my individual coaching and training seminars on leadership will equip you with practical wisdom and easy to apply methods. So that you‘ll feel confident and competent in managing your own and others‘ lives.

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  • Selbstbewusste Klarheit über die eigenen Stärken

  • Optimale Zielerreichung

  • Mental stark in der Führung

  • Understanding and fulfilling my role

  • Leading with more composure and mindfulness

  • Relaxed being in the center of attention


  • From employee to leader

  • Successful leadershop through skillful communication

  • Constructive feedback conversations

  • Annual employee appraisals

  • Understanding different personalities and „taking them with you

  • Shaping successful team collaboration


  • "How to" in challenging situations

  • The challenge of remote leadership

  • Team building with Aikido

  • Nightmare of exit interviews

  • Leading men confidently as a woman

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