Confident in Action

Presenting yourself with confidence

People who work with me…

feel that there‘s much more inside them than they are able to show the outside world!

Let‘s do a little thought experiment for one moment: Imagine that for one day you experience one of the following scenarios:

  • You have a solid internal foundation and feel confident and self-assured
  • You know where you want to go and know also how to reach your goal more easily. Your feeling of competence gives you confidence.
  • You handle your job interview or assessment centre successfully and with style.
  • You feel well-prepared and confident about an upcoming conflict-solving discussion.
  • You feel relaxed and calm before your upcoming big speech, fully-prepared in both your person and in your subject matter.
  • You are self-assertive and not afraid to ‚be seen‘.

So, how does that feel to you?

In my individual coaching and group trainings you‘ll strengthen your self-belief and acquire the necessary know-how in order to take your space in front of others with confidence and conviction.

Ich weiß: Das will niemand haben. Es betrifft jedoch die allermeisten von uns. Auch ich war früher davon betroffen.

Ob Unternehmen oder Privatperson, selbstständig oder angestellt, Fach- oder Führungskraft – diese Themen gehen uns alle an.

Mit Selbstbewusstsein, Präsenz und Knowhow gelingt das alles viel besser und leichter. Gemeinsam finden wir für Ihr individuelles Anliegen umsetzbare Lösungen – im Einzelcoaching oder im Gruppentraining.

Das Besondere: Das Mindset der japanischen Kampfkunst ist überall dabei. Sie profitieren von den hocheffektiven und anwendbaren Prinzipien des Aikido.

Das Ganze getoppt von meiner 22jährigen Erfahrung und Expertise als Coach und Trainerin.

Damit Sie sich nicht nur sicher fühlen, sondern auch sicher Ihre Ziele erreichen. 

For more confidence and success.


Presentation & Moderation

  • Presenting confidently

  • Staying relaxed and composed in front of your audience

  • Conveying complex content appropriate to your target group

  • Creating punchy and memorable slides

  • Presenting skilfully online

  • Moderating meetings efficiently in-person and online

Interviews & Assessment Centers

  • Confident self-presentation in interviews

  • Performing well at assessment centers

  • Success in career development meetings

  • Dealing with nerves and test situations

Speech & Stage

  • Preparing your speech or your presentation

  • Confident in front of a small or large audience

  • Camera training

  • Goodbye stage fright

  • Media training

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