Are these situations familiar to you?

  • You feel unsure if you have to present to groups or facilitate meetings and would like more inner certainty and confidence?
  • As an expert in your field, you have difficulties presenting complex material in an appropriate way and would welcome some professional support?
  • You are just about to make your next exciting career move and want to make sure you give your best in the interview or assessment centre?
  • As an executive you get weak knees when faced with a big upcoming speech and want to prepare it as professionally as you deliver it?

My individual coaching sessions and trainings are the ideal occasion for you to learn to step out confidently in front of others and to win over both your conversation partner or your audience.

Sicher auftreten und überzeugen



Presenting confidently

Staying relaxed and composed
in front of your audience

Conveying complex content
appropriate to your target group

Creating punchy and
memorable slides

Presenting skilfully online

Moderating meetings efficiently
in-person and online


Confident self-presentation
in interviews

Performing well at
assessment centers

Success in career
development meetings

Dealing with nerves and
test situations


Preparing your speech or
your presentation

Confident in front of a small
or large audience

Camera training

Goodbye stage fright

Media training

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