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Nadja van Uelft

Leading with Aikido

The very special leadership coach.

Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences (HMKW), Campus Berlin

Lecturer at the Female Career Center of the University of Cologne

Aikido teacher (2nd Dan)



For almost 20 years I’ve been working enthusiastically as a leadership coach and voice coach of the Lichtenberger® Method.

Since 2002 I’ve been training the Japanese martial art Aikido with the Aikido teacher Dirk Kropp in Cologne and hold the First Dan Aikido.

This special combination of business psychology know-how with my passion for this martial art, marks me out as an expert in my field.

As coach, I support people in leadership and key positions to lead effectively in diverse situations. To achieve their goals. To feel more comfortable in themselves and more authentic.

The clients who entrust themselves to me come from a wide variety of industries – telecommunications, finance, engineering, energy, trade, health, insurance and the public services – amongst others.



My work is powerfully influenced by the philosophy and practice of Aikido.

My approach is a combination of:

Leadership and team development expertise + the latest principles of neuroscience + the martial art of Aikido. The Big Three.

With the help of Aikido, the classic themes from business coaching, leadership training and team workshops are vividly and memorably conveyed, so achieving a long-lasting impact.
The simple exercises are suited to all – regardless of age or level of fitness.



My way of working: lively and activating, with a strong focus on practical application.

My trademarks: focus on strengths and resources, learning content adapted to the needs of the target group, supported by attractive visual materials.

The whole is topped off by my very high degree of engagement und personal commitment – and the tangible sense of enjoyment which I bring to my work.

This method was evaluated by the Cologne University of Applied Sciences HMKW for Media, Communication and Economics and its effectiveness confirmed.


With many topics, I work with a special form of video micro-analysis, in part with a professional actor as counterpart. In this way, not only is a higher level of realism guaranteed, but also an especially strong impact from the exercises.

By the way: I offer all seminars and coaching sessions in German and English – according to your needs.


O-negai shimasu –  Let’s begin! (Aikido greeting)


Member of GABAL: